California Graphics & Peripherals Inc. is a world-wide operation that draws on partnerships around the world to create a global company.

Quality is its’ watchword. Coupling that with the growing need to bring advanced, state of the art technology to the PC marketplace, California Graphics has developed major partnerships in engineering design and manufacturing. The company’s focus is on producing highly optimized products, which deliver the stunning performances that today’s computer users require and demand. Presently, the company’s key strengths are in the design and manufacture of motherboards and graphic accelerator cards.

The company’s European offices are located in Italy and UK. The Asia Pacific region is serviced out of its Taipei office in Taiwan.


California Graphics, Inc. as a company was started in California with a focus on performance graphics cards. As time went on, the decision was made for the company to shift focus to the quality conscious European market, a market rapidly growing in its desire for technologically advanced PC components. In the interim period, partnerships in distribution, design and manufacturing grew to where the company now has presence on multiple continents, motherboards were added to the product line and the focus of the company was refined towards 3D graphics.
In reapproaching the US market, the decision was made to go with a centrally located distribution point, so as to be able to serve not only both coasts, but also northern and southern sections of North America with decent ship times. The company's roots still are in California and Silicon Valley,
but it has grown beyond that with an even broader vision of providing the next generation of performance computer components to people on a more global scale.

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