Improved performance
Optimized for 32-bit software and Pentium Pro processors, the Intel 440FX Pciset chipset (NATOMA) provides 8 percent more performance improvement over the previous Orion (450GX) chipset when running software applications in NT operating systems.


Possibilty to configure a rich multimedia platform
The Intel 440HX PCIset's Concurrent PCI maximizes system performances by allowing the CPU, PCI and ISA devices to work simultaneously and ensuring that the user will feel the impact of today's multimedia applications.It enables the user to upgrade the system by adding high speed peripheral devices.


Complete expandability
A system configured with the Intel 440FX PCIset is a warranty of complete future expandability. Improved memory timings and Concurrent PCI allow the system to work properly even under the most demanding applications, while the integration of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard means great opportunities for integration and bundling of numerous peripheral devices to the system.


Highly integrated solution
The reduced number of chips (only three instead of seven/eight on the 450GX chipset) and PCB layers (four instead of six - at least - of the 450GX chipset), enables cost-effective implementation of high-performance systems.

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