Optimized for 32-bit software
The Intel Pentium Pro processors family is the new generation of Intel CPUs. These processors were designed to provide optimized performance for all 32-bit operative systems (Windows NT, OS/2 or UNIX) running on high-level desktops, workstations, databases and servers. These environments offer new functionalities to users such as true multitasking, increased system manageability and lower total cost of PC ownership.


High technology
The excellent performance delivered by the Pentium Pro processor are made possible by a technical innovation called "Dynamic Execution" that provides the interactive capabilities required by high-end technical and commercial applications of today and tomorrow.


Scalability and reliability
The Pentium Pro processor's advanced features include include a super-scaleable architecture, a double execution pipeline and data reliability and integrity checking functions : ECC, Fault Analysis/Recovery, Functional Redundancy Checking.


Integrated L2 cache
The L2 cache (256/512KB) with non-blocking integrated in the CPU improves the overall performance reducing the average access time to memory and providing a fast access to the instructions and data used lately. The cache performance are made possible by a 64-bit dedicated internal bus that operates at the full CPU speed.

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