A Mother of a Board!
The California Graphics Photon 100 mainboard - based on the feature rich Next Generation VIA Apollo MVP3 chipset - combines a high performance, yet cost effective design with quality manufacture. The result of this is a solid, cutting edge technology platform for Socket 7 superscalar processors as they move into the 100MHz bus speed arena.
The Photon 100 is the ideal solution for desktop personal computer systems providing enhanced support for the hottest in new technologies like SDRAM memory, AGP graphics, USB connectivity, up to 2MB of L2 synchronous cache, and up to 100mhz front end bus speeds. It's flexible support of many Intel, AMD, Cyrix and IBM processors provide a wide selection of price and performance options on the system integration level.
CPU socket/slot type Socket7
Chipset Via Apollo MVP3
CPUs supported Intel Pentium and Pentium MMX, AMD K5-K6 and K6-2,
Cyrix 6x86-6x86L and 6x86MX
Bus speed 60/66/75/83/90/100MHz
CPUs frequency range 90MHz ~ 550MHz
Multiplier factors range 1.5x ~ 5.5x
CPU voltage 2.1V ~ 3.54V (0.1V steppings)
Supported memory types 3xDIMM EDO - FPM - (DDR) SDRAM
Max. total memory amount Up to 768Mb
Expansion slots 1AGP(1x/2x) - 5PCI - 2ISA
L2 cache 512k - 1MB - 2MB
CPU temperature monitoring Yes
Year-2000 ready Yes
Bios Award PnP - DMI 2.0
EIDE Two EIDE interfaces UDMA enabled
Ports 2UART, 1 ECP/EPP,1 Floppy 1.44, 2 USB
Form Factor ATX
Warranty 5 years (2 years in USA)
Download AMD 3DNow! optimized version of QuakeII v3.14 (exe,708k)
Download User's manual, pdf, 272k
100 MHz Memory Module tested**
Vendor Type Status Remarks
Samsung KM48S2020CT-GH Pass 32MB SDRAM
Samsung KM48S8030BT-GH Pass 64MB SDRAM
NEC D4564163G5-A10B-9JF Pass 32MB SDRAM
NEC D4564163G5-A10B-9JF Pass 64MB SDRAM
Fujitsu 81F16822D-102LFN Pass 32MB SDRAM
Fujitsu 81F64842B-103FN Pass 64MB SDRAM
Hitachi HM5264805CTT-B60 Pass 64MB SDRAM
Mitsubishi M5M4V16S30DTP-8 Pass 32MB SDRAM
Mitsubishi M5M4V64S30ATP-8 Pass 64MB SDRAM
Toshiba TC59S6408FTL-80H Pass 64MB SDRAM
** Preliminary table, tests still in progress
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