JUNE 1996

California Graphics & Peripherals Inc. announces at SMAU ’96 the SunTracer 6000, the graphics board which combines the latest Multibank DRAM technology with the revolutionary 128-bit ET6000 graphics controller from Tseng Labs to provide unprecedented performance and complete reliability in all the most widespread applications.
This video card is available in two different versions: the SunTracer 6000 - designed to meet the needs of the entry/SOHO market, is the only video card currently available in the market with 1.5MB MDRAM (exp. to 3MB); the SunTracer 6000 Pro - a professional product, provides 2.25MB MDRAM (exp. to 4.5MB) and includes the CGP Multimedia Pack, two CDs containing a complete set of shareware and freeware programs and the entertaining 3D game "FireFight" from Electronic Arts.
In addition to being a powerful accelerator for Windows, the Suntracer 6000 is the ideal multimedia solution for today’s demanding needs. Its video video capacities include a bi-linear interpolation (X and Y) which provides a high quality full-screen accelerated digital video playback.
The support for color keying and transparency offers enormous flexibility in merging graphics and video objects on-screen. By optimizing for Win95 DirectX interfaces, this card ensures uncompromised graphics performance to games, entertainment and multimedia titles that take advantage of the DirectDraw and DirectVideo capabilities.
The board comes with the AnyView for Windows 95 utility system - a fully integrated suite of programs that allow you to configure and customize the display through very few and simple operations. Simply point and click to independently select resolutions, refresh rates, color depths on-the-fly and associate them to a particular application.
Using AnyView you can also build your own toolbars, set a virtual desktop and select a zoom factor.

"The SunTracer 6000 is one of the fastest ET6000 implementations we have seen to date", says Jim Bauer, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tseng Labs.
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