APRIL 1997

California Graphics & Peripherals Inc
., has today announced its new graphic card
VirtualV2 DX equipped with the new graphic accelerator S3 Trio64 V2 DX.
The S3 Trio64V2/DXTM accelerator is built on the proven performance of the Trio64V+ accelerator but offers a substantial graphic performances improvements thanks to several advanced engineering innovations, including better memory bandwidth management, faster memory access and higher memory clock support.
This new card’s advanced features are ideal for all those applications requiring high-quality video playback or live video input capability. The Virtual V2 DX/GX incorporates an enhanced version of S3’s Streams Processor technology high-quality which enables the realisation of hardware assisted video playback full-screen playback of Indeo and Cinepak movies at up to 30 frames per second.
The Virtual V2 DX provides arbitrary scaling with high quality bilinear (X and Y) interpolation and colour space conversion (RGB to YUV) able to accelerate and enhance software MPEG-1/Indeo/Cinepak video playback. Since these tasks are performed in hardware, the CPU is relieved of a substantial overhead which produces a considerable performance improvement. Additionally, the Virtual V2 provides full support for Microsoft’s DirectDraw technology allowing the full utilization of the multimedia capabilities found in business applications.
The product is also equipped with the Reality 95, an integrated easy-to-use suite of applications which helps you to control your display in Windows 95. Features like the sophisticated display management system, as well as the possibility to associate any application with any preferred resolution, give the maximum satisfaction to the California Graphics products users.
The Virtual V2, thank to the excellent performances and its convenient prize, is a strongly competetive product on the video card market.
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