APRIL 1997

The California Graphics & Peripherals Inc, announces today the new video card Hawk 3D DX, equipped with the new graphic processor Virge DX by S3.
This card although essentially addressed to the tri-dimensional games markets, will be successfully used by all the users of the business multimedia applications.
The Virge DX processor is built on the proven performance of the previous Virge but is improved with several advanced engineering innovations, including better memory band-width management, faster memory access and higher memory clock support.
Using the advanced technology Streams Processor by S3, the Hawk 3D DX, improves the performance as well as the quality of the software for full screen playback of MPEG, Indeo and Cinepack movies.
The Hawk 3D is fully Microsoft Direct 3D compatible and offers a full-featured set of 3D functions and effects such as by-linear and tri-linear texture filtering, depth cueing and fogging, alpha blending, video texture mapping, Z-buffering, MIP-Mapping, flat shading. Gourad shading, perspective correction.
The Hawk 3D DX is also equipped with the CGP Reality 95, a set of utilities which provides an advanced quick and easy control of the display’s functions.
This software features sophisticated monitor adjustment tools to change resolution and color depth on-the-fly, to modify any application with the preferred video solution, and ensuring the higher satisfaction for the users of the California Graphics’ products.
The Hawk 3D is an important step ahead in the new tri-dimensional technology’s sector, realised with the California Graphic’s guaranteed standards of high quality.
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