MAY 1997
California Graphics Italia s.r.l. and Taiwan Mycomp Co. sign a joint agreement to produce AGP & DVD standard motherboards

California Graphics Italia s.r.l., one of the world’s leading makers of computer graphics and 3D hardware, has announced the agreement with the Taiwan Mycomp Co. Ltd. based in Tapei, Taiwan, leading company manufacturing motherboards for compatible PCs. This joint agreement forecasts for the next month a tight co-operation for the production and sale on a world-wide scale of the motherboards using the AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) and DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) standard.
This agreement will allow both firms to optimise the specific knowledge in order to supply a product which will be the best technological solution gained thanks to this two well known companies efforts.
Vincenzo Coccoli, Chairman and CEO of California Graphics says "this is an extremely interesting opportunity for both companies that have been working on this project for some time, we had been looking for the right partner for long and I believe the TMC is the best company we could work with.
Mr. David Wu, Sales Director of TMC says: " this agreement seals both companies intention to co-operate on new projects such as AGP & DVD Motherboards production.
We believe California Graphics to be a reliable partner and that the two companies will benefit each other".

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