California Graphics, the 3D performance specialists, has continued its pioneering of the 3D graphics market with the launch of an innovative design of graphics set-up software. Its new CGP Reality Pro software is supplied free with all of California Graphics advanced 3D graphics cards and provides sophisticated set-up routines for all aspects of the usage of the graphics cards.
"Until now, everyone has been doing very boring user interfaces for these set-up routines," explained Vincenzo Coccoli, Chairman and CEO of California Graphics. "If you have just bought a state-of-the-art 3D graphics board, you expect to have software to match. We are the first 3D graphics company to design our software to be three dimensional with rotating objects, perspective effects, etc. - this makes it not only much easier to use but also fun.
"Everyone hates reading manuals and so our new 3D approach has enabled us to make this software extremely intuitive. If anyone does get stuck, help balloons pop up and there is extensive, on line contextual help so that manuals are virtually unnecessary.
"Key to this new suite of software is the navigation interface of a rotating cube. Each surface is divided into a number of squares, each with an icon, that control various functions and is activated by clicking on the relevant icon. Our tests with users showed that this approach give much faster and more accurate access that the old drop down menu concept. In fact, it is so good, that we are currently applying for a patent for this concept as it could be used for many other interface tasks."

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