April 98   PHOTON 100   California graphics creates super fast motherboard with 2MB L2 cache
  April 98   3D WIZARD   California Graphics focuses on TV-out for its 3D Wizard Voodoo2 board
  March 98   CALIFORNIA GRAPHICS EUROPE   California Graphics opens new office to service Europe
  February 98   3D EMOTION   California Graphics’ 3D Emotion
Taking the gaming world by storm
  February 98   3D WIZARD   California Graphics continues its leadership with second Voodoo2 board
  December 97   3D WIZARD   California Graphics announces the 3D Wizard card based on the 3Dfx Voodoo2 chip
  November 97   AGP MOTHERBOARDS   California Graphics continues to lead the development of the 3D market with launch of AGP motherboards
  September 97   CGP REALITY PRO   California Graphics invents novel 3D interface concept for controlling graphics cards
  September 97   3D EMOTION   California Graphics pioneers third generation of graphics cards with real 3D
  July 97   CALIFORNIA GRAPHICS ESPAŅA   California Graphics expands with opening of new spanish subsidiary
  July 97   HAWK 3D   New drivers for Hawk Graphics card deliver over 40% performance increase
  May 97   AGREEMENT   California Graphics Italia s.r.l. and Taiwan Mycomp Co. sign a joint agreement to produce AGP & DVD standard motherboards
  May 97   SUNRAY II VX Rev.B
  Once again, California Graphics pursues its mission to offer the best technology available, studying two different boards built around the same Intel VX PCIset.
  May 97   SUNRAY
  The California Graphics and Peripherals Inc., has announced today the new Sunray Evolution TX
  May 97   POWER PRO II   California Graphics & Peripherals has today announced in world-wide preview the first motherboard for the Pentium IIŽ processors
  April 97   HAWK 3D   The California Graphics & Peripherals Inc, announces today the new video card Hawk 3D
  April 97   VIRTUAL V2   California Graphics & Peripherals Inc., has today announced its new graphic card VirtualV2
  June 96   SUNTRACER 6000   California Graphics & Peripherals Inc. announces at SMAU ’96 the SunTracer 6000

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