The only Baby AT format motherboard supporting ATX functions!

The new Sunray Evolution TX, is one of the first motherboards equipped with the Intel 430TX chipset available in both formats ATX and Baby AT. The Intel 430TX chipset offers within its most important features the DMA function; this technology is a new protocol for the ATA/IDE hard disk drive interface that doubles the current burst data transfer rate to 33 megabytes (MB) per second. The chipset is optimised for the Pentium MMX processor and offers support to the SRAM memories, allowing a larger memory bandwidth to satisfy the multimedia applications developed using the Intel MMX technology. The Sunray Evolution TX thanks to the Intel 430TX chipset, features also the Concurrent PCI function which enables a great improvement of the processing time for the more complex applications. This new product testify the California Graphics’ strong attitude to be a point of reference for all customers thanks to solutions combining innovative technology and competitive prize.
  • Other Features: DIP switch setting;
    Modem Ring-on;
    Windows 95 Shut-off; CD-ROM Boot;
    System Management(SM) Bus; PC 97 Compliant;
    On-board At&ATX power connector.
    Form Factor: Baby AT (8.6" x11)
  • Supported Processors:
    ZIF Socket 7 Intel P54C/P55C (MMX) 200/300MHz AMD K5/K6,
    Cyrix 6x86/M2

  • Architecture: PCI+ISA

  • Chipset: Intel 430TX PCIset 32371AB(PIIx4)

  • Memory: Four 72-Pin SIMM sockets max 256MB, Two 168-Pin DIMM sockets, FPM/EDO/SDRAM

  • Cache Size: 512KB Pipeline Burst

  • BIOS: AMI BIOS PnP, Green, ACPI DMI 1M-bit Flash ROM

  • On-board I/O: Winbond 83877F Chipset 2.88MB floppy format Two 16550 UARTs One EPP/ECP parallel port

  • Expansion's slot: 4 PCI slots 32-bit 3 slot ISA 16-bit

  • EIDE: Built-in Intel 82430TX Bus Mastering and Ultra DMA/33 support
    USB: 2 USB ports
    IrDA: 1 IrDA connector
  • Keyboard: AT keyboard connector (optional PS/2 connector)
    Mouse: PS/2 Mouse pin-header
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