Based on VIA’s VPX chipset, the Sunray II Via is a Baby AT Pentium motherboard that supports all the features to make a Microsoft PC’97 compliant PCI/ISA system. This high performance model comes with power management functionality that is compliant with ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) and legacy APM requirements. In addition to standard PIO and DMA mode operation, the AI5VP features Ultra DMA/33 for improved disk I/O throughput. The main features of this motherboard are listed as follows.
  • Hardware Monitoring System temperature
  • BIOS: AMI, ISA PnP, DMI 2.0 compliant, FLASH EPROM
  • Compliant with EMC directive (CE).
  • Form Factor: Baby AT
  • Processors:
    Intel Pentium and Pentium MMX,
    AMD K6, Cyrix/IBM 6x86 and 6x86MX
    up to 233MHz
    512k L2 cache
  • Chipset: VIA Apollo VPX PCIset
  • DRAM Modules: four 72 pin SIMM sockets
    Four 72-pins SIMMs
    One 168-pins DIMMs
    Memory Capacity: 256MB
  • Onboard IDE 2 Channels of bus master IDE for up to four devices
    Up to PIO Mode 4 for 16.7MB/Sec.
    Bus Master UltraDMA 33MB/Sec.
  • Super I/O on-board:
    One floppy controller
    Two 16550 UART compatible serial ports
    One ECP/EPP parallel port
    One USB headers
    IrDA Interface infrared header
  • Expansion's slots:
    four PCI slots
    three ISA slots
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