Support at California Graphics works daily to providing quick and accurate assistance to our users. Below, you'll find answers and information on the most common questions we receive. If you have a question or problem that isn't covered by any of these answers, check drivers pages and make sure you have the latest Bios/Drivers installed. If so, report the bug. We will begin investigating and resolving it, and may contact you for additional information.
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Q. My Glide-based games flash on my TV screen. How can I solve the problem?

A. Download the latest BIOS release from the Drivers page. If you are still experiencing problems after installing the new BIOS, follow items below:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Type the following 2 lines:
    set SST96_FORCE_TRIPLE=1
    name program.exe
  3. Save the file as name.bat in the directory where main program is located.
  4. Now, when you want to run such program with the TV on, you can double click on the name program.bat file. Your screen flashing should go away.

Some games require that double buffering only be used, so they may not function correctly with this environment variable set. To clear the environment variable, restart your system or run another .bat file with "set SST96_FORCE_TRIPLE=0".

Q. I’m running 1024x768 @ 72Hz, and some text looks faded and shaded. Why?

A. Some users have reported this situation when using resolution higher than 800x600 on some monitors. California Graphics, Alliance Semiconductors® and 3Dfx Interactive® technical people are working to develop a fix to this issue. Our current assessment is that this seemingly random occurance is BIOS related. Please check our drivers page weekly, and download the latest BIOS release once it is available.

Q. When using the TV-out feature, I cannot get my TV to show color, only black and white. Also, images quality is lower than SVGA monitor. What’s the problem?

A. #1 NTSC or PAL resolution is much lower than that of the computer, so the Windows 95 desktop doesn’t look as sharp as the computer’s monitor -- text in particular.

#2 If the image is corrupted or b/w, make sure you have a high-quality, video-capable video cable; low-quality cables can result in distorted or poor quality video.

#3 Try to switch to composite connection, instead of the S-VHS one.

Q. I’ve installed Psignosis’ Formula1, but it doesn’t find the 3Dfx accelerator on-board. Does my 3D Emotion support the Glide?

A. Yes, but some titles are optimized to run older versions of Glide.
Go to Windows\System folder and copy the glide2x.dll file to the games’ folder, in order to overwrite the same file. Then restart the program.

Q. My 3D EMOTION doesn't run 1280x1024@16M colors. Why?

A. Current drivers only support 32-bit rendering, and NOT 24-bit rendering. So, 4Mb frame buffer memory is not enough to generate such images. In fact, 1280x1024x24/8/1024=3,840M and 1280x1024x32/8/1024=5,120M

Q. Does 3D EMOTION play MPEG or DVD videos? Do I need an external decoder?

A. 3D EMOTION plays MPEG1, MPEG2 and DVD videos thanks to DirectVideo support. It is also possible to plug-in an external decoder using VMI connector on the board.


Q. I'd like to buy a Sunray VIA AGP, but someone says that Windows95 and NT4 do not support AGP capabilities. What's the truth?

A. There is no support available for Windows NT 4 or earlier revisions with the VIA AGP, and NT support will only be provided from VIA for NT 5.0.
Also for best performance, Windows 95 OSR2 (950b) will need to have the
USB supplement patch from Microsoft, or Windows 95 OSR2.1 (950B), which has the USB supplement installed in it already. Windows 95 version 950, or 950a (original or upgrade versions) are not patchable and thus can not gain full benefit of all AGP performance aspects such as DIME memory access. Full AGP support will be provided in Windows 98. To find out the version you have, see the general tab on the device manager under "System" in the Windows 95 control panel.

Q. Are there new CPUs settings available?

A. Yes.
Download the new settings for 75Mhz bus clock, low CPUs voltage and 4x / 4.5x mult. factor



Q. Are there new CPUs settings available?

A. Yes.
Download the new settings for PentiumII 333Mhz and Pentium Pro 150/200Mhz




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