Plug-and-Play of External Peripheral Devices
The USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology allows the immediate and easy Plug-and-Play of numerous external peripheral devices on a single interface to increase the potentials and functionalities of the PCs.


Automatic Configuration
The USB was designed to solve the problem of the availability of the ports in a system and, at the same time, make the integration of peripheral devices easier. This new technology allows the users to connect up to 127 peripheral devices without having to install or configure any add-in cards.


Lower costs for the addition of supplementary devices
The use of the USB allows the user to reduce the costs relative to the circuits of the traditional ports. In order to achieve such objective, the bus takes advantage of the PC processing capacities.
The host detects the new peripherals devices and automatically determines which sources - for example the software drivers - are necessary for each peripherals device. The USB provides a connector which suits all the requirements (for example, the connection of the modules of a hi-fi device) and allows to save the costs for cables and connectors while avoiding the risk of wrong contacts and cable connections.

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