A complete utility suite integrated into Windows 95
to fully control your display!

CGP Reality 95 provides an advanced, ease-to-use suite of Windows 95 performance-enhancing utilities allowing the user to quickly and easily control and customize the diplay.
It features sophisticated monitor adjustment tools for changing resolution and color depth on-the-fly, linking a particular application whit a specific video mode and zoom enlarging any portion of the display up to 10x.

The CGP Reality Console toolbar allows to access the various CGP Reality 95 functions.
The first button brings up the
CGP Reality 95 Utilities dialog, if it is not already displayed.
The second button is the
Zoom button, it allows the user to magnify the selected screen portion in a resizable window. The slider position determines the zoom factor.
The third button is the Help button which calis up the documentation for the program.The fourth and the fifth buttons are the MS DOS Prompt and the Shut down buttons respectively.
The following buttons allows to modify the resolution appropriate to the select color depth. The toolbar displays the current values for the selected resolution, color depth and refresh rate (set in the “Control Monitor” page).


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